Interns 2014

Abes Naskar

Project: Implementation and Transparency of MGNREGA in Madhya Pradesh Emphasizing EFMS
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Lucknow
Mentor: Smt. Alka Upadhayaya
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: CEO, M.P. Rural Road Development Authority
Internship Experience:  It is a great experience to work under an IAS.
Internship Feedback: 

1.Discussions with mentor make us much easy to do the project. Meeting my mentor in every week guides me a lot. if there is any problem in collecting data or something alse, my mentor helps as much as possible.

2.Sufficient number of field visits at the right time helps a lot in completion of the project. When ever I need some field visit I asked for it and get it, which is well distributed in the 10 weeks.

3.Transparency and availability of required data helps me a lot. In many places officers are not willing to share all the data which is required but our mentor make this problem much easier. I get required data when ever I need.

Management Feedback: 

1.Management was good. I contact the management peolple whenever I need.

2.The accomodation was really good. It was a institute in a hilly area.

3.A car was given to go to office and return to the hostel. It was good and helpful.

Abhijeet Pandey

Project: Coal Sector Reforms
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT BHU
Mentor: Shri Maheshchandra Verma
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Advisor, Ministry of Labour and Employment
Internship Experience:  It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must require a platform.
Internship Feedback: 

"Get Inspired, Identify Your Passion, Get involved" these lines truly dig into you when you actually take up to do something different, something that matters.This program has changed a lot in me and there are innumerable reasons to like it.
1.If I am not in this internship programme, I don’t think I ever would have got a chance to meet such eminent people personally and discuss with them about the issues affecting the society.
2.This internship has given me practical learning platform, an opportunity to interact with people at grass-root level.
3.I had got an opportunity to interact and share my ideas and visions with other fellow interns working on diverse projects.
4.Guest lectures were very informative and inspirational too. I consider it best part of programme as you get chance to hear eminent personalities and there is chance to learn a lot.
5.Some of my field visit has taught me the system of government offices especially when I went New Delhi Railway station for my group field visit.

Management Feedback: 

1.Being in IIT Delhi is itself more than enough to elaborate the best infrastructure.

2.As the location was Delhi, we were very much comfortable to reach higher authorities as their offices are there in Delhi.

3.Friendly and at the same time strict Founder and Coordinators has managed the programme very well. The deadlines, the schedule for presentation and prior information were the best managed things.

Abhijeet Mishra

Project: Land Use Planning in Cities: Making Affordable Housing and Prosperous Cities
Institute: 3rd Year, BA, Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi
Mentor: Shri Vikas Gupta
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Director, Urban Local Bodies, Government of Haryana
Internship Experience:  A Fun Filled Classroom Internship Program for Future Policy Makers
Internship Feedback: 

1. Diversity of Class in terms of academic background of the interns. It was beneficial to gel up with bright students of other elite institutions.

2. The Classroom experience was better than the corporate office type environment.

3. Lectures from the eminent personalities.

4. Very nice, well read and helpful mentors.

5. Excellent projects, focusing on almost all social issues.

6. Weekly Presentations were helpful to give an essence of public speaking and helps in building confidence.

Management Feedback: 

1. IIT Delhi was a very good place with regards to ambiance.

2. Coordinators were cooperating and helping.

Abhishek Pidaparthi

Project: Evolution of RFD as a tool for Performance Management in the Government of India
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Delhi
Mentor: Dr. Vivek Agnihotri
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Member, Core Group IC Center for Governance
Internship Experience:  An opportunity to make a difference on a large scale through research.
Internship Feedback: 

1.Weekly presentations improved my confidence & public speaking abilities

2.Guest lectures were very informative as I got new perspectives on various governance from eminent personalities

3.Sessions such as RTI workshop made me more aware as a citizen regarding my rights.

Management Feedback: 

1.. The classroom setting in the lecture theater IV LT3 of IIT Delhi was a great environment to do our work
2. The Internship Coordinators provided all the guidance and support that the interns needed.

Abhishek Singh

Project: Socio-Economic Governance Agenda for India
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Kanpur
Mentor: Shri Prabhat Kumar
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Former Cabinet Secretary
Internship Experience:  Amazing idea with Amazing People
Internship Feedback: 

1. Interaction with differnt people from different background because being in IITs you donot get to discuss on various topics or people have similar mentality on an issue

2. Mentor meeting is priceless, i would have never met a person like my mentor in my life. One realises the hardwork needed in governance and its challenges

3. You don't realise that you get to various topics just from the weekly presentation, just listening to presentation you will know a lot about different topics

4. You may not be satisfied with the work during internship but with time you come to know what Rakshak made you in 2 months. It will change your behaviour, your way of addressing a problem and of course rigrous and hardworking

Management Feedback: 

1. Well managed by Rakshak to provide good quality mentors to every intern

2. Managing lectures by eminent personalities is itself an achievement for management team of Rakshak
3. Micromanagment by director of foundation is appreciable and we all must support this organisation to reach new heights

Aditya Jha

Project: Redesigning Resident Welfare Associations
Institute: 2nd Year, M.Sc., Madras School of Economics
Mentor: Shri M.K Kaw
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Former Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource and Development
Internship Experience:  Intensive, Interesting and Impeccable
Internship Feedback: 

1. Seminars and interactive talks with Bureaucrats/Former Bureaucrats

2. Documentary sessions

3. Presentations

4. Facebook comments and discussion

Management Feedback: 

1. IIT Delhi campus (minus hostel rooms)

2. Helpful coordinators/volunteers

3. Office space

4. Skype conversations with Sachin Sir

Aditya Deshmukh

Project: Public perceptions regarding Complaints and FIR - Law and Practice
Institute: 1st Year, BTech, BITS Pilani
Mentor: Shri Palanivel Mudaliar
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: Principal Police Training College (Former), Head PAC, Government of Uttar Pradesh
Internship Experience:  Awesome experience with enough hard work
Internship Feedback: 

1.Field visits:It gave me practical knowledge and helped me to understand ground realities

2.Mentor:It was great opportunity to work under eminent personalities. Experiences that have shared by them are invaluable

3. Professional writing: Internship helped me in improving writing skills.

4.Guest lectures: It gave me knowledge of different fields and listening from the person working in areas like administrative, police services (which are well known for secrecy policy ) was insightful experience.

Management Feedback: 

1. IIT campus

Akash Swain

Project: e-Governance in India: Aspects and Road Ahead
Institute: 2nd Year, MA, Delhi School of Economics
Mentor: Ms. V Vidyavarth
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Joint Secretary, Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances
Internship Experience:  An enlightening experience
Internship Feedback: 

1. Interactions with senior level civil servants.

2. Documentaries on prevalent social issues.

3. Field trip to Rajya Sabha

Management Feedback: 

1. Air conditioned lecture theater.

2. Amenities and outlets available in IIT Delhi.

Akash Tyagi

Project: Primary Education- Status, Challenges and the Road Ahed
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, IIT Roorkee
Mentor: Shri Shahid Mahdi
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Vice President (Former) Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Ministry of External Affairs
Internship Experience:  An eye opening journey into the details of policy making in the country.
Internship Feedback: 

1. It was a platform to explore policy making in detail. In everyday life we discuss politics and policies at a very superficial level and ignore the fact that it is essential to take into account the opinions of all the stakeholders. The program taught me to consider the broader picture while analyzing policies and make rational and feasible recommendations.

2. Being a diverse forum comprising students from different backgrounds like law, engineering, economics and humanities, it helped in a great exchange of ideas and broadening of my vision

3. The guest lectures of eminent speakers gave a firsthand opportunity to hear from the best in the field what challenges they faced and how they overcame them with innovative solutions.

4. Having a mentor from the IAS, gave me an opportunity to interact with a person with a vast sea of experience and intellect, hence enabling me to learn a lot in the process, personally as well as in the area of my research project.

Management Feedback: 

1. Provision of air conditioned and spacious lecture halls was a big plus as it provided a comfortable environment for our research

2. Accommodation in the IIT hostel was comfortable and relieved the interns of the headache to search for accommodation outside

3. System of mentor meeting minutes, field visit reports and weekly reports and presentations led to a very planned system of documenting research work and checking its progress

Akshit Johri

Project: Ways to improve public perception about the police
Institute: 3rd Year, M.Sc., BITS Pilani
Mentor: Shri Nilabja Choudhury
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: D.I.G.
Internship Experience:  The program can transform an ignorant person to an aware citizen
Internship Feedback: 

1. I learnt how to interact with top dignitaries such as IAS/IPS officers

2. The program was well structured and there was nothing to get confused about. All the doubts were cleard by the coordinators or the mentors.

3. The guest lectures were extremely illuminating and eye-opening. They instructed that one should always be broad-minded while thinking about national issues and policy making

4. The field trips were highly didactic and the provision of having a field trip on our own will really helped in constructing something substantial for the project.

5. The visit to the Rajya Sabha was an enriching experience.

Management Feedback: 

1. The coordinators were highly qualified and perfect to manage such a big batch of interns.

2. The program was well structured and well managed.

3. Everything, whether it be reimbursements or fun trips, the coordinators did an excellent job in having a smooth internship experience for us.

Alena Kalodzitsa

Project: Policy vacuum in private investment in higher education
Institute: 4th Year, BA, LCC International University(Klaipeda,Lithuania)
Mentor: Dr. Milindo Chakrabarti
Mentor Affiliation: Sharda University
Mentor Designation: Professor
Internship Experience:  The programme was very intense, full of discoveries, and new friends.
Internship Feedback: 

1.Friends -I have to admit that It was truly amazing experience for me to meet such bright students from all over India. I have not only broaden my network and made great friends ,but also they tough me a lot about their country and its culture.
2.Project-my project was about privatization of higher education, which was very interesting for me. I was able not only analyze the issue in detail using secondary data,but also had an opportunity to have hands on approach and actually go to the field,meet people,have discussions and for the first time conduct surveys among students.
3.India-I am the first international intern at Rakshak Foundation and certainly I don't regret that I chose this organization as well as India as a country to have internship in! In spite of very hot weather,sometimes spicy food and always crowded streets, I have not felt that welcomed in any country as in India and enjoyed my stay that much, that I didn't want to leave.
4.Guest Lectures and Fun Trip-I really appreciate coordinators and supervisor for organizing very fruitful and inspiring lectures and unforgettable fun trip. Guest Lectures enabled interns to have a break from continuous researching and learn form the personal experience of great leaders.With the help of these lectures I was exposed to various issues of India,that was very important for me as an international intern. Also,fun trip was incredible,as for the first time I saw such unique nature,had a ride on elephant,went through caves and had many other adventures.However, the most important part of the trip was getting closer to interns.

Management Feedback: 

1. Coordinaters - It was great to have the same-age coordinators who were always very helpful and understanding.I could easily approach them with any question that I have and i knew that I could rely on them.
2. Venues- I was very happy when I found out that it is walking distance between our dormitory and the classrooms .I could not imagine If every time I would have to use public transportation to reach the class . Moreover, our classrooms were well-equipped and Air-conditioned,which was very important keeping in mind very hot weather.Speaking about our dormitories,I have to mention that they were comfortable despite lack of A/C,also we had an internet access most of the time and were able to take our meals there,which helped us to avoid wasting extra time and money on restaurants.

Amit Burnwal

Project: Water and Sanitation Department- A Business Model
Institute: 2nd Year, MBA, IIFT
Mentor: Shri Sudhir Prasad
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Assistant Chief Secretary
Internship Experience:  Very practical and ground related program
Internship Feedback: 

1. Mentor: The mentor assigned to me was the Assisatnt Chief Secretary of Jharkhand! I was awestruck by him. I found him very down-to-earth person even being one of the most top ranked IAS officers in Jharkahnd.
2. Program: The work that was required of me was a very pragmatic one. I did my best to impress my mentor and when I left, my mentor praised me effusively for the survival of a near-defunct RWSS at Bewa.
3. People: The people that I met were very interesting and knowledgeable at the same time. I learnt a lot from them.
4. Practical Learning: I had a lot to learn in the way the government organizations work and also how to work in a village and try to persuade your way if they are not readily in favour f your plan.

Management Feedback: 

1. I liked theat the management was in constat touch with us

2. The top perosn at Rakshak talked to us a lot of time. That was one of the things that i appreciated.

Anirudh Agrawal

Project: Menace of kidnapping in Bihar
Institute: 2nd Year, BTech, IIT Delhi
Mentor: Shri Amit Lodha
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: DIG, Border Security Force
Internship Experience:  The program is enchanting and complete in itself.
Internship Feedback: 

1. I liked the structure of the program. It is really well organised. It gave us ample time to research on our respective topics

2. The part of guest lectures was a very good aspect of the internship. It gave us the exposure and all the sessions were eye-opening, each bigger and greater than the other

3. The ice-breaking sessions, the fun trip and other such events brought us all closer and bonded us.

Management Feedback: 

1. The infrastructure of IIT was great. The hostels were equally good. All the facilities were adequate and there was no dearth of anything

2. The management was also very good. The internship coordinators managed us really well. They were also a source of knowledge and guidance.

3. The frequent skype calls from Sachin Sir put us interns on the path.

Anisha Bhattacharya

Project: Primary Data Analysis and Research on Laws
Institute: 4th Year, LLB, Faculty Of Law, The ICFAI University, Dehradun
Mentor: Shri Anshul Gupta
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: ASP
Internship Experience:  A new experience which gave me the perfect exposure and a sea of knowledge
Internship Feedback: 

1.Interacting with people from diverse disciplines. I learnt to look at things from different point of view for example from an engineer's point of view, from an economist's view, from the viewpoint of a person from arts backgrounds etc

2. The exposure that I got from this internship like interacting with Senior bureaucrats, renowned professors, academicians and other eminent personalities. I got the opportunity to be mentored and guided by such an enthusiastic and highly qualified mentor. He was a great inspiration. I got to understand various issues from an expert point of view, from someone who was working with the government, thus were in a better position to give an honest and realistic opinion.

3. This program is a great attempt in making the youth socially and politically conscious so that they can be good conscientious citizens and bring about a change. I became aware of so many issues and topics I was clueless about. This is a very good awareness generation program. We used to have a lot of intense discussions and debates on various topic. This helped me to develop clarity of thought and formulate my opinion.

Management Feedback: 

1. The internship coordinators were very approachable and informative. All my doubts were cleared. Whenever I got stuck, they helped me out.

2. It was very well organised. The coordinators were competitive. They gave the right kind of encouragement and motivation to the interns. We were controlled well. Scolded when it was necessary so that we stay on track. Everything was done systematically and the coordinators made sure everything was done on time and deadlines were met. Thus the program went on smoothly.

Ankit Kumar jha

Project: national security issues
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, IIT Roorkee
Mentor: Shri sudhir kumar
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: former vigilance commisioner, CVC, former secy.(security)
Internship Experience:  nice batch of interns from across the various disciplines and colleges.
Internship Feedback: 

1. diversity in the batch of interns.

2. constant driving force to focus and work

3. eminent personalities as mentors

4. parliament visit was good

Management Feedback: 

1. nice classroom

2. management could have been better

Ankit Rajpali

Project: Process Improvement of UP Skill Development Mission & Implementation of Management Information System & FMS
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Lucknow
Mentor: Mr. Vishal Singh
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: JMD
Internship Experience:  Unique Initiative to bring industry level skill to the youth of the country
Internship Feedback: 

1. Exposure to Governance at the right platform

2. Exposure to the problems faced by Skill Development Initiative

3. The chance to meet and interact with people from various backgrounds and experiences

4. Field Visits which provided real insights into rural development in India

Management Feedback: 

1. Mentor was very helpful and forthcoming

2. The staff also went out of their way to help me in anyway possible during the internship period

Ankit Kumar

Project: "How to leverage technology to improve the standards of governance in our country?"
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Kharagpur
Mentor: Shri Sanjay Jaju
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Secretary, Information Technology & Communications Department, Government of A.P.
Internship Experience:  "A great learning experience"
Internship Feedback: 

1. It was an honour to work under the guidance of an IAS officer.

2. The experience of working with interns from different colleges of different part of India was inexplicable.

3. It was an opportunity to understand the public administration and come up as a think tank regarding various policy issues.

4. The whole experience has made me a much aware and more responsible citizen for sure.

Management Feedback: 

1. Food and accommodation provided by IIT Delhi was really upto the mark which helped us in doing our research work comfortably.

2. The facility of air conditioned classrooms provided for our research work was really a saviour from the scorching heat of delhi.

3. Our internship coordinators played a very crucial role in helping us out during our research.

Anmol Mongia

Project: poverty depends more on societal attitudes than on lack of resources
Institute: 3rd Year, BA, Hindu College, Delhi
Mentor: Shri Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: Former DGP, Uttar Pradesh
Internship Experience:  A rigorous and taxing yet fulfilling learning experience.
Internship Feedback: 

1. I learnt a good deal because of the diversity of interns in terms of the subjects they were pursuing. It helped me know much more from a different perspective than mine, by interacting with them, discussing projects and policy issues etc.

2. The competitive environment of the rakshak hall. It made me want to excel in my work all the time.

3. The discipline that was sought throughout made me more disciplined, punctual than before.

4. The lectures and interactive sessions by professionals and experts was the best part of the program. The great deal of knowledge gained through those lectures and the suggestions received by the guests was immensely helpful.

Management Feedback: 

Ann Varghese

Project: District Disaster Management Plan
Institute: 3rd Year, BA, St. Stephen's College, Delhi
Mentor: Shri Harikishore S
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Director, State Tourism Department, Kerala
Internship Experience:  Interaction with the various bureaucrats and academics was indeed unique.
Internship Feedback: 

1. Getting to meet people from distinguished backgrounds was an experience in itself which wouldn't have come to us had it not been for our internship with the Rakshak Foundation.

2.The fact that most of the mentors were from civil services background ensured that the interns working on public policies weren't doing their research in vacuum as their mentors were people highly experienced in this particular field.

3. Getting to interact with interns from eclectic background broadened one's horizon of thinking and comprehension of various issues at hand by providing multiple perspectives and outlooks.

Management Feedback: 

1. Timely response from the internship coordinators enhanced efficiency.

2. The fact that the management was willing to listen to our problems and queries however trivial they were and get back to us with explanations regarding the logic behind each and every decision and regulation imposed was quite encouraging.

Anuj Singh

Project: To Regulate the use of Muscle and Money Power in Election
Institute: 2nd Year, LLB, Symbiosis Law
Mentor: Shri Sujeet Kumar
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Chief Development Officer, Government of U.P.
Internship Experience:  We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need
Internship Feedback: 

1. Golden Opportunity to interact with eminent personalities coming for lecture, during field visit and mentor who were firm source of support and knowledge in complete tenure of internship.

2. Vibrant discussion and debate among interns coming from different educational background helped everyone to learn from their experiences, successes and learnings.

3. Regular review of weekly reports and weekly presentation of research work by coordinators, mentor and Sachin sir helped to shape the research project correctly and also acted as a guide for all the interns.

Management Feedback: 

1. Appointing coordinators as a mediator between intern and I.I.T. management was best thing to make an intern to concentrate on their research without indulging with IIT staff to resolve their logistics issue .

2. The coordinators were extremely helpful in addressing all our queries either in Research project or other issues.

3. The residential nature of the internship made it easier for the interns to interact with each other.

4. In the hot season of June, the foundation provided an Air-Conditioned theater to work in, which was the biggest relief for intern.

Anuj Arora

Project: Sankalp: Second Innings of Government Employees
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Hyderabad
Mentor: Smt. Vandana Sharma
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Joint Secretary
Internship Experience:  Every moment spent at Rakshak planted a sense of responsible citizenship
Internship Feedback: 

1.Guest Lectures: The wholesome experience would have been incomplete without series of lectures by eminent people working in different departments of government and independently. The knowledge I gained and lessons from their experiences is invaluable.

2.Group Discussions: Sitting among the brilliant brains of the country and throwing & listening to out of the box ideas on various issues was an indispensable part of internship.

3.Practical Experience: Apart from heavy research that made me familiar with the working of administration, it was not mere a reading and writing experience. The internship let me discover the practical aspects of various issues through field visits.

Management Feedback: 

1. Working Environment: 4LT3 at IIT Delhi was optimal location for the conduct of internship. With enough space to roam across and interact with different interns, this place was most favorable for research work.

2. Helpful Coordinators: Coordinators having repository of knowledge about all the topics proved to be very helpful during the course of internship. They provided instant and effective solutions for any barriers faced during the internship.

3. Regular Work Updates: The submission of online regular reports helped me to track my work over two months and preparation of final report.

Anurag Singh

Project: Community Policing
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Roorkee
Mentor: Shri Pramod Phalnikar
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: IG, Madhya Pradesh
Internship Experience:  “There was no better way to utilize the summers”
Internship Feedback: 

1. The mentors provided to us were of great help owing to their positions in the government and practical knowledge they possess.

2.The diversity in the co-interns which helped in enhancing knowledge and understand their way of analyzing a situation.

3.Weekly presentations as it gives you an idea about all the other projects taken up by other interns. Also, an interactive session during presentation is a great platform to learn and to share your opinion with others.

4.The freedom to take up filed visits and survey trips depending on our sole understanding of the need of the project helped us explore the issues better.

5.Group formations and activities as well as visits outside helped to create a bond between interns as well as fostered a unique learning opportunity. It provided a forum to take up something new and helped create leadership opportunities.

Management Feedback: 

1.The internship coordinators were very helpful, acted as mentors, friends, guided us and also very patiently saw all the work that we did and suggested different ways to improve it.

2.We had the comfort of working in an AC environment in the hot months of June and July, and could watch presentations, documentaries and even hold Skype conversations in the lecture halls of IIT Delhi without much problem.

3. Internet LAN was made available in the hostels, which proved to be very helpful.

Ashish Jayaswal

Project: Implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems in UPSRTC
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Delhi
Mentor: Shri Mukesh Kumar Meshram
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Managing Director, UPSRTC
Internship Experience:  Best platform to utilize and enhance one's skills and thoughts for society
Internship Feedback: 

1. The guest lectures by the distinguished personalities were very inspiring. They were eye opener on many topics and issues. It also do make us realize the problems and issues faced by policy makers. Also they provided food for thought on many topics for a responsible citizens.

2. The weekly reports, presentation, field visit reports etc helped a lot on being on track of the project. It helped a lot to recognize and reconcile the facts, data, information and findings easily for reports.

Management Feedback: 

1. The prompt response by the coordinators of our problems on any issue led the smooth passage of the internship.

2. The regular weekly reports and presentation was also managed very nicely. It helped to improve own project and understand others project which was very necessary.

Ashish Saurav

Project: Legal services pricing, Product Marketing and Team Lead
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIFT
Mentor: Mr. Suchit Bansal
Mentor Affiliation: Rakshak Foundation
Mentor Designation: Founder, Rakshak Foundation
Internship Experience:  Wonderful experience, quality mentorship and real hands-on insights
Internship Feedback: 

1. Worked on a completely New Product

2. It comprised product development, pricing, marketing strategy, sales pitch - all aspects of an MBA curriculum

3. Excellent mentorship - since my mentors just showed me the way, encouraged to come out with something new always but were still always there for the team

Management Feedback: 

1. Proper documentation and division of work

2. Standard processes and procedures make things smooth

Atin Gupta

Project: Urban Land Management: A Blueprint for Indian cities
Institute: 2nd Year, MA, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics
Mentor: Dr. Kalpana Gopalan
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Chairman, Karnataka Appellate Tribunal
Internship Experience:  'Best first-hand experience in research that one could possibly indulge in'
Internship Feedback: 

1. This programme has definitely made me a better public speaker.

2. Because of the programme, my interests have become more inclined towards social issues and governance.

3. The whole programme was very informative as I learned a lot about various issues, laws, acts and many other things due to discussions, documentaries, workshops, guest lectures and project presentations.

4. This programme also helped me in learning MS Excel and MS PowerPoint in more depth.

Management Feedback: 

1. All interns working in the same room makes it easier to interact and discuss.

2. Coordinators were always there to help us out in our project.

3. It was a pleasure to work under mentors who are IAS, IPS, etc.

4. Workshops and guest lectures were very informative and helpful.

Avinash Kumar

Project: Maintenance Policy for rural roads
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIFT
Mentor: Smt. Alka Upadhyay
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: CEO, MPRRDA
Internship Experience:  Thank You Rakshak for providing such learning oppportunity
Internship Feedback: 

1. came to know so many government well fare schemd

2. Interaction with policy makers, top bureaucrat is a life time opportunity

3. MPRRDA working culture was very much similar to Private enterprises

4. Interaction with villagers and contractors

Management Feedback: 

1. Insights about state budget, sources of funds and its limitation

2. Successful management of PMGSY schemes across the nation on such a large scale

3. Ownership and responsibilities of the roads will lie with the contractor for 5 years since the construction

4. Field visit and interactions with different strata of people

Bhanu Pratap Singh

Project: Community Policing
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Roorkee
Mentor: Mr. M B Kaushal
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: Former Secretary, Internal Security GOI
Internship Experience:  A exhaustive case study of Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
Internship Feedback: 

1. The discussions were highly informative and made me aware of so many current issues we are facing.

2. Listening to the presentations of other interns enhanced the understanding of different issues.

3. Rajya Sabha visit provided the opportunity the view the proceedings of the temple of democracy

Management Feedback: 

1. Facilities at the IIT Delhi campus were superb- healthy and nutritious food, LAN network, playground, lush green campus.

2. Office space was fully air conditioned which helped from the scorching summer and working with the other interns provided the opportunity to include their inputs in the project.

3. Coordinators were really too good and were always ready to give their suggestions whenever we need.

4. Mentor helped me in every possible way and at the same time provided me enough freedom to mold the project as per my choice.

Bhupesh Doda

Project: Environmental Impact of Civil Aviation in India
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Shilling
Mentor: Shri Alok Shrivastav
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Secretary, AERA
Internship Experience:  Intense program which demands high commitment, patience and self motivation
Internship Feedback: 

1. Definitely my mentor! He was very knowledgeable and supportive person. He also connected me with high profile people in other departments.

2. The group project CSI where we worked on International conference. I am really satisfied because we worked really hard for it and we got good output as well. Our mentor Venkat is really nice person and it is good to work with him

3. Fellow interns from other IIMs! I will always cherish those memories

4. Regular check and controls in terms of regular submission to keep the intern engaged

5. Delhi! Thank you placing me at Delhi. It was hot but i loved the placed and met many people both through the foundation as well as through other means

Management Feedback: 

1. Calls by Sachin sir to get regular feedback on the program and in general

2. Sachin sir was friendly and was always approachable for any issue

3. Much need to be done on Infrastructure side, but i don't care about infra unless and until it affect my research activities

Chainika Dhingra

Project: Secularism and the duty of State in inspiring and uniting the people.
Institute: 2nd Year, MA, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dhenkanal
Mentor: Shri Sunil Kumar
Mentor Affiliation: Other
Mentor Designation: General Manager (Former), PEC of India
Internship Experience:  A man without a personality resembles to flower without perfume.
Internship Feedback: 

1. Brainstorming sessions at the time of suggestions were really helpful in getting new and original ideas.

2. Guest lectures were the best part in the whole internship program, listening to such big and honored people was a wonderful experience.

3. Rakshak internship program gave me the opportunity to interact with the perfectionists of all the disciplines.

4. Interacting with people from different disciplines taught me how to work along with them and learn new ways of handling problems and working patterns.

Management Feedback: 

1. Spontaneously addressing to wifi problems and other individual problems of all the interns was well managed by the internship co ordinators.

2. Speedy replies through mails and frequent mails helped a lot in regular conversations with the management authority.

3. Good space alloted to the intern to focus on their self study and research.

Chandra agrawal

Project: improving organised retail trade in india
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IT BHU
Mentor: Shri Ashok barnwal
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Pincipal secretary
Internship Experience:  Collision of best minds of te country
Internship Feedback: 

1.Rakshak summer interns was the best features of the Rakshak summer internship program 2014. I made a lot of friends, discussed with them so many issues, loved that 7 hours of session.

2.Guest lectures was full of knowledge, knowing so many elegant personalities, their way of life and lot of information.

Management Feedback: 

1.Rakshak lecture theatre and IIT DELHI hostel were full of facilities, it kept me cool in the sizzling summer of Delhi.

2.rakshak coordinators was amazing providing guidance at every point of need.

Debojyoti Sanyal

Project: Encouraging Public Private Partnerships in Indian Railways
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, VNIT Nagpur
Mentor: Shri Mukul Mathur
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Railway Service (IRS)
Mentor Designation: Executive Director , Traffic/PPP
Internship Experience:  It was very well structured and provided an unique exposure.
Internship Feedback: 

1.Provided a platform to interact with top bureaucrats and under their way of thinking and the way they deal with complex problems.

2.Provided an opportunity to interact with students from different backgroung and understand their way of thoughts.

3.Overall a wholesome experience which included a lot of learning and loads of fun.

Management Feedback: 

1.The management was exteremly well structured with the co-ordinaters always ready to help whenever any difficulty.

2.IIT Delhi provided an awesome environment which was very conducive for research.

Deepak Mishra

Project: Study to Assess the Efficacy of Niranthar Jyothi Yojana in Karnataka
Institute: 2nd Year, M.Sc., Madras School of Economics
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Internship Feedback: 




Management Feedback: 



Deepak Kumar

Project: Taking care of river Ganga through public participation-citizens role and responsibility
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, IIT Guwahati
Mentor: Shri Kumar Rohit
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Railway Service (IRS)
Mentor Designation: Provident fund commissioner
Internship Experience:  Intense learning experience besides meeting eminent dignitaries.
Internship Feedback: 

1. Cohesive approach in research- academic with professionals.

2. Knowledge booster in area of public service. Helped to know our country better.

3. Soft skills (communication) enhancement.

4. Inculcated habit of being a patient listener.

Management Feedback: 

1. Air conditioned rooms with wifi connection. But I would like to point it out that the work may been more better in presence of better internet connectivity. Since, without internet working one tends to indulge in non productive activities. One may argue that one could have downloaded the stuff before hand, but the catch here is that how can one be so sure of the content being quite satisfactory without reading it? this led to reading of some unuseful stuff which delayed the research work.

Dhruv Grover

Project: Impact and Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Rules
Institute: 3rd Year, LLB, Institute of Law, Nirma University
Mentor: Dr. Subhash Garg
Mentor Affiliation: Other
Mentor Designation: CEO, Sooraj International Inc.
Internship Experience:  A great and unique initiative working under a great mission and vission
Internship Feedback: 

1. I learnt so many aspects about the societal issues.

2. Learning from the experience of people who are pioneer of their field was a great opportunity.

3. Interacting with interns from all backgrounds under a same roof is a opportunity that one rarely gets.

Management Feedback: 

1. Classrooms in IIT Delhi provided with a great researching environment.

2. Management was very organized in evry aspect and thus provided a support to continue research work.

Diana Evangeline

Project: Innovation in Elementary Education
Institute: 4th Year, MA, IIT Madras
Mentor: Shri Dhirendra Singh
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Union Home Secretary (Former), Government of India
Internship Experience:  A really well designed research program.
Internship Feedback: 

1. A mentor of really good repute who could guide me at every step in the research program

2. The program was based in Delhi whioch made it more worthwhile. As most interns were going to government offices for their field visits, basing it in Delhi made it easier.

Management Feedback: 

1. Most of the internship coordinators were willing and helpful at all times. All the issues we raised were addressed if not completely answered

Divya Ahuja

Project: Liberation and Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers
Institute: 2nd Year, B.Com, Lady Sriram College, Delhi
Mentor: Shri Amit Gupta
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Special Secretary, Chief Minister's Office, Uttar Pradesh
Internship Experience:  The program involves extensive research and analysis.
Internship Feedback: 

1. Good crowd: When there are highly experienced co interns around, it is an opportunity to learn and grow.

2. Systematic Procedure: The program follows a systematic procedure of weekly reports, presentations and mentor minutes that helps the intern to be on track

3. Learned mentors and speakers: Each and every speaker was brilliant in his/her own area. It was a rare opportunity to listen their ideas and opinons.

Management Feedback: 

1. The coordinators were very friendly and helping. Their advises and suggestions proved to be significant

2.The infrastructure was just perfect.

Divya Goel

Project: Public Grievances Redress Mechanisms
Institute: 4th Year, B.Sc., IIT Kanpur
Mentor: Shri Manivannan Ponniah
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Chief Project Officer, Karnataka State Highways Improvement Project
Internship Experience:  This program helped me to become a participatory and an aware citizen
Internship Feedback: 

1. I loved the all the group activities such as the visit to the parliament or to Goonj. All these visits and activities together bonded the interns as well as gave them an exposure and chance which they could not have possibly got.

2.I really liked the workshops and the lectures that were given by various personalities like the civil servants, academia, activists, etc. All of this was inspiring and also made us feel like we were a part of the country and all the issues and challenges directly affected us. It made us know the good and the bad of the government, which i think is very important.

3. The group discussions which we had were absolutely fantastic under Mr. Jatin Gupta. Not only did he give the group discussions a meaningful structure but also encouraged us to look and know more about it. All these discussions were very very informative.

4. The fact that you could interact with a so many many who were responsible in shaping the country, makes this internship all the more fruitful. A one on one communication with my mentor who was a civil servant was an enriching experience.

Management Feedback: 

The Management was functioning very well till the time all the coordinators were there. In the first month of the internship, when Mr. Jatin Gupta would come regularly for the sessions; the internship was taking a very fruitful direction. Although the same can not be said about the next 4 weeks

Divyanshi Chowdhary

Project: Malnutrition in slum children
Institute: 2nd Year, BA, Lady Sriram College, Delhi
Mentor: Ms. Saumya Gupta
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Director, Ministry of women and child development
Internship Experience:  A program that makes you challenge your own limits and be a true citizen.
Internship Feedback: 

1. Punctuality : This internship has taught me very efficiently the importance of time and the process of managing our time effectively. The whole structure guided us step by step towards our goal and kept us focused.

2. Continuous evaluation: The continuous evaluation of our weekly progress and work kept us on our toes , another brilliant effort to get the work going . The regularity helped develop a holistic environment that promoted the will to work an work better.

3.Field Trips : The realistic and on ground knowledge that we obtained from actually visiting the sites , related to our projects , added an important dimension to the project .

4. Mentor ship: The professional and highly valued guidance that we received here has been a great learning experience.

5. Talks : The interactive sessions with the government officials , professors , etc is something that is unique to Rakshak Foundation . I truly appreciate all the efforts made to provide us with all these opportunities.

Management Feedback: 

1. The efforts made by Rakshak Foundation to give us proper accommodation and food in IIT-D campus was appreciated.

2.The management always took an extra effort to make the interactive session all the more interactive .The management kept us updated about the profile of the officials visiting , which added to our understanding of the topic and the sessions.

3. The little hurdles and roadblocks were very well handled by the coordinators. Who also encouraged us throughout the project to perform better.

4.All the quires and doubts were taken up sportingly by the coordinators and they were always present to guide us with the working of the organisation. This helped us in achieving the the high level of work performance and be a true Rakshak

Gurpreet Singh

Project: Electoral reforms in financing of elections and political parties
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, IIT Roorkee
Mentor: Shri Arvind Shrivastava
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Secretary to Government, (Budget & Resources) Finance Department,
Internship Experience:  learning completes by involving yourself in what you have studied
Internship Feedback: 

1.field visit was the thing i liked the most as it gives a practical touch to the project and also meeting

2.weekly presentation, they really increased my knowledge about the governance and social issues prevailing in India. I t has also increased my speaking skills

Management Feedback: 

1.working place was air conditioned

2.answers to our problems were given in a short interval of time


Project: National Transport and Logistics Policy
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, IIT Roorkee
Mentor: Shri Shanti Narain
Mentor Affiliation: Other
Mentor Designation: Former Member, traffic, railway Board
Internship Experience:  It was a great experience to interact with people from diverse backgrounds.
Internship Feedback: 

1.RTI filing as it is now a tool to me as a citizen

2.Visit to Rajya Sabha as I would not have done it independently

3.Guest Lectures as senior members shared their experience.

4.People from diverse backgrounds coming together

Management Feedback: 

1. Regular evaluation and monitoring

2.Strict time table

3.Air conditioned room with net connectivity

4.Coordinators to guide you in problems apart from the mentor

Himanshu Jain

Project: Skill Initiatives: Skilling India’s Labour Force
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, BITS Pilani
Mentor: Shri M.C. Verma
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Advisor, Ministry for Labour and Employment
Internship Experience:  An insight into the functioning of bureaucrats through the guest lectures
Internship Feedback: 

1.Guest Lectures

2.On-campus residence

3.Wi-Fi arrangement in IIT Delhi

4. Mentor Visits and Field Visits

Management Feedback: 

1.Lecture Hall booking during the internship hours.

2.On Campus residence

3.Provision to engage in discussions in Facebook

Jainendra Chaudhary

Project: Formulating maintenance policy for rural roads
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Lucknow
Mentor: Smt. Alka Upadhyay
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: CEO, MPRRDA
Internship Experience:  The program was quite enriching.
Internship Feedback: 

1. The program involved extensive research policy.

2. It involved number of field visits and we came to know how a govt. department works.

3. It was quite an enlightening experience since we interacted with couple of bureaucrats as otherwise we couldn't have met without this program.
4. The perception of govt. being not so agile was completely changed by observing the work culture of the organisation we worked in.

Management Feedback: 

1. Both Individual project mentor & group project mentor were supportive and helpful.

2. Every required resource needed for the project were made easily available by them

3. All the material were easily available for the successful completion of the project

JayaBharath Reddy

Project: Accountability mechanisms in governance and their impact on civil servants
Institute: 5th Year, M.Sc., IIT Kharagpur
Mentor: Shri Devesh Chaturvedi
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Principal Secretary, Department of Minorities Welfare, Uttar Pradesh
Internship Experience:  The program was a very enriching experience. It has taught me a lot.
Internship Feedback: 

1. I really learnt a lot from the interactions with all the stalwarts who came to speak with us and mentor us. They gave me a broader perspective on social issues and public policy as a sphere.

2. The concept of having a mentor, especially someone from the Civil Services was amazing. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to closely observe the structure of governance as well as mould and evolve my views by interactions with my mentor. I observed a lot of growth and development in my thought process after every meeting with the mentor.

3. I was never exposed to a lot of diversity in my class/college at IIT. But at Rakshak, I really liked the company of such diverse individuals from different streams, all of whom shared a similar interest and passion but in radically different ways. I could see cohesion even in the chaos and I personally gained a lot from the group.

Management Feedback: 

1. Coordinators and Management were helpful and approachable.
We were free to raise any issue or concern at any time.

2. Coordinators were very knowledgable - We could always go to them for help in research or any other guidance and be assured of valuable support.

Jeevan Mahadev

Project: B Plan for a SVCC, LIFCOM
Institute: 2nd Year, MBA, IIM Shilling
Mentor: Shri Pankaj Jain
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Secretary, Program Implementation and Information, Government of Meghalaya
Internship Experience:  It was very interesting and a challenging program all together.
Internship Feedback: 

1. The idea of working on a live problem helped to understand the issue in a better way
2. The way the internship was handled and the timely inputs provided by the administration helped a lot to handle the project in a better way.

Management Feedback: 

1. Every aspect of the management was handled professionally. Even small queries were answered and there was no delay in providing the required information to complete the internship.
2. Assigning the project upfront helped to understand and make necessary home work before working on the real issues

Jeevan Kishore Bora

Project: Crisis and Disaster Management
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, IIT Kharagpur
Mentor: Shri Dr. Navneet M Kothari
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: District Magistrate and District Collector, West Nimar, Madhya Pradesh
Internship Experience:  A program that improved my skills to a large extent in just two months
Internship Feedback: 

1. The way the projects had been designed and the mentors allotted.

2. Every skill like time management, data analysing, logical thinking, presentation skills all are developed in a span of two months.

3. Meeting senior IAS officers and having interactions about the real time issues is my favourite aspect of the internship program.

4. Parliament trip, Fun trip and Aha moments were just awesome. No words to describe that.

5. Provided a platform to interact with many young and genius minds from diversified backgrounds and provided me with lot of friends.

Management Feedback: 

1. The management never lost the faith in us. We need to thank the management for their constant support and encouragement.

2. The deadlines were continuously reminded but they never put pressure on us. Instead, they tried to help us in every way they can.

3. Most important aspect which I liked is the discipline and values of Shri. Sachin Bansal, lot to learn from him.

4. In the initial stages, when there was no mentor allotted to me, I was motivated and guided by the management, without whom I wouldn't have done this project.

5. One last thing " Thank You Rakshak Foundation" for letting me know about myself and my potential.

Kabir Chugh

Project: Expansion and Promotion of Rural Tourism in India
Institute: 2nd Year, MA, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics
Mentor: Shri Shashi Kant Misra
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Chairman, ITRHD
Internship Experience:  Intellectual stimulation and sensitization towards good governance.
Internship Feedback: 

1.The documentaries showed were extremely relevant and helped me know about the major issues that plague our country. Some of the documentaries which had a great impact on me were the SWOT analysis of Indian politics, the documentary on P . Sainath and AFSPA act.

2. The system of mentoring by IAS officers helped a lot in networking with the people who have had decades of experience in contributing to development of our country.

3.The talks by eminent IAS officers have made me aware of my rights and duties as a citizen of this country. I now take a more active interest in the governance affairs of this country, and am more aware of potential of advancements like e-governance and so forth.

4. The RTI workshop was a big success for me. I had always known about the act which was passed in 2005 but never knew how significant it was as an anti corruption tool and as an empowerment of the common citizen of the country.

Management Feedback: 

Centrally air conditioned was a dire need in the insidous heat of delhi.
Very helpful internship coordinators.
Skype sessions were enough to quell all doubts regarding internships
The program timings were perfect.

Karandeep Sharma

Project: Juvenile Delinquency in India : Analysis and Preventive Measures
Institute: 1st Year, BTech, IIT Kanpur
Mentor: Shri K.L Gupta
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: D.G.P (Former) , Uttar Pradesh
Internship Experience:  An inspiring and thought provoking journey enriched with knowledge.
Internship Feedback: 

1.I think the mentors were the most essential part of the internship. It would be almost impossible for the interns to go about their project without the help and guidance of the mentor. It was a great privilege to work with such learned man and senior civil servant at such a young age . I got to learn a lot many things from mentor especially how even each and every small small details are so important. His dedication at such an old age and after so much of learning and experience was highly inspiring.

2.The co-locations of all the interns from such diverse backgrounds and with different topics of research was also very helpful. We got to learn just not about our project but also so many other issues of our country due to co-interns. The discussions and brain storming with co-interns was very helpful along-with their emotional support. We got to learn about various fields and cultures due to such diversity , made some very good friends and many misconceptions about various things were removed.

3.The guest lectures from such eminent personalities with so much experience in their fields and that too on diverse topics were really informative . Most of the talks gave a fair idea how much change you can bring into the system by being a civil servant.

Management Feedback: 

1.I think the concept of weekly presentations and mid-term presentations was very good .
Weekly Intern presentations helped me understand other social issues also apart from mine. Weekly reports helped stay on course and the mid-term report helped a lot in final term report preparation.

Kartik Pahwa

Project: Fall in GDP Growth Rate of India: Causes, Effects & Solutions
Institute: 5th Year, M.Sc., IIT Kanpur
Mentor: Shri Chandra Kumar
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Secretary, Department of Employment, Govt. of Odisha
Internship Experience:  Makes Responsible Citizens out of Indifferent College Under-Graduates.
Internship Feedback: 

1. It made me meet a lot of people from different backgrounds. They were all very interesting in some way or the other. Some of them turned out a source of inspiration for me.

2. The project allocated to me was from my area of interest. And I was given ample time to conduct my research.

3. The coordinators were very friendly and there all the problems we had were immediately tackled.

4. The documentary sessions, The Discussions and the debates, all of them helped in gaining perspective and there was so much to learn from the ideas of all the fellow interns.

Management Feedback: 

1. We were given ac rooms for the research and it was a life-saver, given Delhi's temperature in May and June.

2. The coordinators very friendly and professional at the same time. Helped us with our doubts and problems regarding anything.

3.The trip to Nainital was awesome and thanks to the management for organizing it. Much needed break from the research.

Kartikey Singh

Project: Suitability of BRTS for different cities of India
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, BITS Pilani
Mentor: Shri Sanjay Dubey
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Commissioner, Indore
Internship Experience:  Fulfilling and enriching experience
Internship Feedback: 

1.I enjoyed the workshops and seminars organised during the internship program.

2.The guest lectures by the different prominent personalities who devoted their whole life for the society and a chance to interact with them instilled in us a feeling of responsibility towards the society and a belief that it is only through us that the change can come in the society.

3. Mentors were experts in the project domain which really helped us to get an insight into their project topics as well as understand the need of research in that particular area.

4..The diversity in the cointerns which helped in enhancing knowledge and understand their way of analysing a situation.

Management Feedback: 

1.IITD campus was good and the lecture theatre allotted was conducive to carry out work

2.The internship coordinators were helpful and had worked hard to manage the entire internship program

3.Weekly submissions and presentations made sure that you do something fruitful every week.

Manpreet Singh

Project: E-enabling of various services provided by urban bodies
Institute: 4th Year, M.Sc., IIT Kharagpur
Mentor: Shri Shikhar Agarwal
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Jaipur Development Commissioner
Internship Experience:  One of the best places for aspiring Civil Servents.
Internship Feedback: 

1. The kind of students I got to interact with were awesome. They came from varied backgrounds and interacting with them opened my mind to newer ideas.
2. I got to interact with various Civil Servants directly, which would have been never possible in case I had any other internship. It helped me understand a whole new dimension of working of public servants which are never shown by popular media

Management Feedback: 

1. The management was quick at taking feedback and tried their best to make the program a success. The coordinators were very friendly and open to interns.
2. Rakshak tried their best to provide us an environment conducive to research. The accommodation at IIT campus was great, although Delhi heat was a big spoiler. It

Mayank Verma

Project: Review and Propose Measures to Improve Public Distribution System
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Lucknow
Mentor: Mr. Ashish Gupta
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: IG, STF
Internship Experience:  An informative program to help explore the major policies of India
Internship Feedback: 

1. The opportunity to understand major government policies. To be able to pick a project of interest and pursue it with due dilligence

2. Mentorship by prominent civil service officers who have been closely working on the policies and have extensive experience in their field

3. Interaction with general public to understand their grievances. To understand the gap between the objectives and grass-root implementation of the policies to provide measures that can help improve the system to attain its target

Management Feedback: 

1. Extensive weekly reports by Rakshak helped in proper collation of important aspect learned during the week. It helped in understanding the problem areas need to be addressed and thus modify the strategy

2. The immensely experienced mentors provided valuable insights. Having a mentor from civil services was the best support provided. They can provide insights and support that was valuable for successful execution of project.

3. The independence provided by the management was highly appreciable. It helped in boosting up the motivation and confidence of the intern to pursue his/her interest

Meghna Prathikantam

Project: Human Resource Reforms in Indian Police
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Lucknow
Mentor: Shri Hari Kusumakar
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: Deputy Director, NPA
Internship Experience:  Unique and enriching experience
Internship Feedback: 

1. Flexibility

2. Social Awareness

Management Feedback: 

1. Helpful management team

Mohit Jindal

Project: To Understand the Job Profile of a Police Constable and Propose Required Training
Institute: 2nd Year, B.Com, Sriram College of Commerce, Delhi
Mentor: Shri Kuchanna Srinivasan
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: Ex-DGP, Government of Karnataka
Internship Experience:  A Defnite Yes for the Lovers of Public Policy
Internship Feedback: 

1. The Internship was professionally designed to incorporate different elements of research, workshops and guest lectures.

2. Though we were bound to produce and deliver results on time, we were given absolute freedom to conduct the research the way we saw fit. This highlights the liberal approach Rakshak Foundation carries with respect to its work, and this exactly the environment where an individual can grow.

Management Feedback: 

1. The Management was cooperative and delivered when required.

2. They also knew the art of making the internship an experience to cherish.

Muthukkumaran K

Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Lucknow
Mentor: Shri Suchit Bansal
Mentor Affiliation: Other
Mentor Designation: Entrepreneur
Internship Experience:  Could have been better
Internship Feedback: 

1. Entrepreneurship related learning

2. Vendor Management Skills

3. Human Resource Development Skills

4. Learnings on limitations of geographically seperated teams and associated managerial inefficiencies

Management Feedback: 

1. Area in Delhi where a startup could find sufficient space.

2. Learnings on how to and how not to setup infrastructure for a start-up

3. Learnings on limitations and productivity losses created due to lack of IT support infrastructure

4. Learnings on limitations of lack of management in place of operation

Naman Galhotra

Project: Health of Women in Rural India- Menstrual Hygiene and its Management
Institute: 2nd Year, BA, Lady Sriram College, Delhi
Mentor: Dr. Amita Prasad
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Principal Secretary, Deveopment of Women and Child Development, Karnataka Government Secretariat
Internship Experience:  A unique and enriching experience with learnings that will remain forever.
Internship Feedback: 

1. Mentorship- The concept of working under the expert guidance and valuable mentorship of officers of the highest grade is unique and enriching. The intern got an opportunity to interact and learn from these officials. The experience was highly boosting.

2.Conduct- The programmes was conducted in a very systematic manner. Weekly submission of reports and presentations helped us a lot in fonal consolidation of our findings. The values and ethics followed by the foundation like punctuality, discipline and working as a team are highly inspiring and motivating.

3.Coordintors- The coordinators are extreemely helpful. They are brilliant managers who help you in every obstacle. From delays on part of replys from mentor or scheduling field visits, from conducying guest lectures to managing presentations, all is well coordinated. They are the greasing to the bearings of the foundation.

4. Guest lectures- Guest lectures ranged on very vast topics from piblic policy to science of spirituality. The brilliant speakers engaged the audience and left deep imprints on the minds of audience.

Management Feedback: 

1. Punctuality- The importance given to office hours and proper conduct during the saem kept up the spirit of the programme.

2. Acomodation- The facility of residing within the campus enhanced the experience of peer learning and mutual knowledge sharing.

3. Workplace- The workplace was very conducive for research. The classroom setting directed the energies of all interns to one major obkective -knowledge sharing.

Naveen Swami

Project: Election Procedure and Efforts to Ensure Fair and Effective Election
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Indore
Mentor: Smt. Sundari Nanda
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: Joint Commissioner of Police, Delhi
Internship Experience:  A journey filled with learnings that helped me refine my perspectives
Internship Feedback: 

1. Assigning of a high rank civil servant to each intern to guide him through the project. The experience and the in-depth knowledge of the mentor about the issues helped a great extent.

2. Being able to visit different government offices to get a comprehensive understanding of how things are happening on ground,

3. The support and constant monitoring of the progress of the projects.

Management Feedback: 

1. Workplace was good and comfortable, barring a few issues with Internet rest was completely fine.

Neelima Hegde

Project: Preparing a Roadmap for effective implementation of model schools in Uttar Pradesh
Institute: 2nd Year, MA, Delhi School of Economics
Mentor: Shri Manoj Kumar Singh
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Principal Secretary, Secondary Education, UP
Internship Experience:  Intensive work culture, regular checks of progress in place, good exposure
Internship Feedback: 

1. Guidance from experts in the field of public policy- for those interns for whom mentors could give sufficient time and guidance would have had an exceptional learning experience from persons directly engaged in policy making who ve been through years of working with the government and truly understand in depth the intricacies of any project that were given to us.

2. Lecture series - highly insightful knowledge on various diverse topics provided by veterans

3. Diverse pool of co-interns - exciting and enthusiastic set of people to work with who were truly passionate about making a change to society in whatever measure possible.

4.Field research - always more enlightening and brings forth deeper perspectives

Management Feedback: 

1. Enthusiastic and very helpful internship coordinators

2. IIT campus is a comfortable location to be working from.

Neha Shashi Upadhyay

Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Shilling
Mentor: Shri Suchit Bansal
Mentor Affiliation: Other
Mentor Designation: Director
Internship Experience:  Good learning experience owing to exposure to various domains of management
Internship Feedback: 

1.Exposure to various domains of Management

2.Knowledge about legal services domain

3.Full freedom given to use our creativity, knowledge and strategy formulation

4.Opportunity to be involved in group project CSI which was a good learning experience

Management Feedback: 

1.Tried to solve the issues related to infrastructure and facilities as soon as possible

Nihar Sreeram Shetty

Project: Electronic Payment of Wages for the MGNREGA Scheme in an underbanked state
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Lucknow
Mentor: Mr. Pankaj Jain
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Commissioner and Secretary, Planning Department, & Deputy CEO, Meghalaya Basin Development Authority, Government of Meghalaya
Internship Experience:  Understanding ground realities of government policy implementations
Internship Feedback: 

1.Opportunity to acquire knowledge about various government policies, schemes, their formulation and implementation at various levels from central government to gram panchayat level

2.Interaction with all the stakeholders involved in implementing a government policy right from IAS officers to dignitaries in lower governing level of a village and the people directly affected by the policy.

3.My place of internship being Shillong, it gave me an opportunity to understand and experience the culture and social aspects of Meghalaya.

Management Feedback: 

1.Push for regular interaction by the management to guide us properly through the course of internship

2.Creating an online forum for regular interaction amongst interns from various colleges for disbursement of new knowledge acquired by interns during the course of internship

3.Complete freedom to pursue the project methodology proposed by the student and interaction with the mentors pertaining to issues relating to project

Nikita Dhole

Project: Improving public perception about police and removing gender bias from policing
Institute: 2nd Year, BTech, V.N.I.T., Nagpur, Maharashtra
Mentor: Shri Nilabja Choudhury
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: DIG Faizabad
Internship Experience:  Excellent platform for students to get well acquaited wid the public policy under distinguished mentors.
Internship Feedback: 

1. As I Joined internship after completion of my first year, it was great platform for me as I got to learn about how to carry out research and present the reseach work in the form of presentation and research paper.

2. As we are assigned with mentors who actually contribute a lot to our knowledge and share personal experiences in their field to help us out with our project. The memories of visiting and meeting such great personalities actually motivate us to work for our country in future.

3.The discussions and guest lectures held in the sessions covered a lot of issues, focusing upon which is need of the hour.

Management Feedback: 

1. The infrastructure was well off to provide us with space and equipments to organise weekly presentations .

2. Also a big session hall with internet facility allowed us to work efficiently

3. The flexibility of the hall where regular session were conducted allowed us to discuss our projects with collegues and get new directions to think upon

Nishant Kumar

Project: Knowledge Management Framework for IBDLP, Meghalaya
Institute: 2nd Year, MBA, IIM Shilling
Mentor: Shri Pankaj Jain
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Commissioner and Secretary, Planning, Meghalaya
Internship Experience:  Exposure to a totally new sector with freedom to apply knowledge
Internship Feedback: 

1.Full freedom to use our creativity and knowledge

2.Exposure to a totally new field

3.Helped understanding the mentality and needs of lower strata of the society along with their behavior

4.Opportunity to work under Planning and Commission Dept., Meghalaya

Management Feedback: 

1. Helped a lot in each and every steps of the project starting from concept generation to implementation part

2.Weekly reports formats helped in stay on course

Nitin Garg

Institute: 2nd Year, M.Sc., Madras School of Economics
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: DEPUTY SECRETARY
Internship Feedback: 

1. Bringing bright students from premier colleges of India under one roof and allowing us to contemplate on the pressing challenges of our time was a very forward looking step which definitely will have a positive impact on our countries future.

2. Allowing young minds to be groomed under the stewardship of public policy stalwarts gave us deep insights into policy formulations and sowed the seeds of an informed and responsible citizen into us.

3. The informative sessions by experts brought in light the complex functioning of the government machinery. We realised how easy it is to criticise the government. Hearing their experiences and knowing the huge pressure they are subject to from both politics and general public one could only have admiration for their effort.

Management Feedback: 

1. Coordinators were like your fellow interns, teachers and friends. They were stern to ensure discipline, friendly to help you adjust and move ahead and good listeners to help you reach conclusions and new ideas.

2. The intellectual environment in IIT was very stimulating for free flows of ideas. We were free to contemplate over a cup of coffee or by just walking around the lush green grounds of IIT. The late night debates in hostels were something I will cherish all my life.

3. Access to fast internet, AC lecture halls and vast library at IIT made sure you got a professional environment for your research work.

Pahur Jain

Project: Policy Model for Regulation and Ensuring Service Delivery for UPSRTC
Institute: 2nd Year, BA, Sriram College of Commerce, Delhi
Mentor: Shri Mukesh Kumar Meshram
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Managing Director, UPSRTC
Internship Experience:  A novel way to create responsible citizenry.
Internship Feedback: 

1. Students being mentored by various dignitaries and experts in their respective fields helped understand the given problem at hand in detail and helped them meet important stakeholders in the project.

2. The program helped students conduct field visits to various government offices and see how they work.

3. The willingness and helpful nature of the officials that were contacted during the course of the project.

Management Feedback: 

1. Provision of Lecture Hall in IIT and co-locating interns so that they could discuss and seek each other's help.

2. Helpful coordinators and co-interns who helped solve our problems.

3. Managing 80 interns and ensuring everybody gets to present their work.

Parag Maheshwari

Project: Study the U.P. Govt. Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme and Suggest ways to make it more Effective
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Guwahati
Mentor: Shri Ranvir Prasad
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: District Magistrate
Internship Experience:  Very good platform for IAS aspirants
Internship Feedback: 

1. Discussions on the current social, political and economical issues were best part of this intern-ship. It provided a complete platform to put your thoughts, a highly intellectual debate on a topic reformed understanding of subject and gave deeper insight of it.

2. Status of the mentor and discussion with the eminent dignitaries were also the best part of this intern, It gives an opportunity to interact with secretary level people and understand the problems from their point of view and learn from their work experience.

3. Guest lecture series by the eminent dignitaries gave a very good knowledge of subject.

Management Feedback: 

1. Management and Infrastructure facility were good enough but more improvements can be done in it.

Phani Srikar

Project: Evaluation of Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Program
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Roorkee
Mentor: Professor Anand Gupta
Mentor Affiliation: Other
Mentor Designation: Former PRof. IIM Ahmedabad
Internship Experience:  I have learnt more about public issues in this program than in my full life
Internship Feedback: 

1. Very informative as every public issue was discussed in detail

2. generated interest and made me aware of my role in the society

3. Very good platform for research work. Peer guidance, good environment foster this.

Management Feedback: 

1. IIT delhi is a peaceful place for research.

2. The LAN was good and food was healthy and tasty too.

Piyush Kumar

Project: Improvement in Administrative Processes
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, BITS Pilani
Mentor: Shri Vipen Mahajan
Mentor Affiliation: Other
Mentor Designation: IT and Management Consultant
Internship Experience:  Exposure to how administrative machinery works
Internship Feedback: 

1.Meetings tudents from across India and irrespective of the courses they are pursuing gave
me an enriching expeience.
2. Discussions and talks arranged were extremely informative and were certainly a learning

3. Mentor meetings helped in understanding the project details a lot and simultaneously
developing an insight about how to approach the project.

4. Field visits were an extremely important part of this learning experience throughout the
programme which gave me first hand understanding of how administrative system works.

Management Feedback: 

1. Management acumen of Coordinators were at par with any professional that someone would
expect to be possessing.

2. The facilities and amenities provided to interns in IIT Delhi by Rakshak Foundation was

Pooja Dey

Project: Understanding Food Security in India
Institute: 1st Year, MA, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Mentor: Shri Ashok Barnwal
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Secretary, Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Dept., Govt of Madhya Pradesh
Internship Experience:  Good platform for interaction with students from different backgrounds
Internship Feedback: 

1. I liked the environment during the sessions where the students were both enthusiastic and understanding.

2. A platform to listen to myriad views of people from different streams and backgrounds.

3. Guest lectures, Rajya Sabha visits and Field visits specially to the slums were really an eye opener.

4. A good opportunity to get rid of the stage fright and fear of public speaking.

5. Above all the chance of meeting new people and making new friends.

Management Feedback: 

1. Extensive knowledge and ability to manage the whole programme by the programme coordinator. The way discussions were conducted by him was really helpful as well as an awsome learning experience.
2.Helpful attitude of the internship coordinators
3.Well organised and friendly environment maintained in the classroom.

Praveen Kumar Telukuntla

Project: Rollout of e-Governance module 'E-payment system' in MP RRDA
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Lucknow
Mentor: Smt. Alka Upadhyay
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Cheif Executive Officer, MP RRDA
Internship Experience:  Exposure toward dynamic functioning of target oriented Government dept
Internship Feedback: 

1. I liked the way my mentor allocated individual project after being understood our expectations and choosing the right project area based on the background of the intern. I have IT industry exposure and shown keen interest towards e-governance which was more relevant in MPRRDA. I was given project on rollout management of online payment system.

2. I had opportunity to work under a senior IAS officer, through this program I got opportunity to learn the working style involving vendors, which is more prominent in MP RRDA through contract work management.

3. I had a wonderful opportunity to work with the officials who have a sound knowledge through their vast experience, and learnt the financial aspect of vendor contracting and the provision for automating the payment process

4. The field visits which we did during our internship tenure were so effective in understanding the PMGSY scheme being implemented by the department. We had an opportunity to understand the ground realities in implementing public schemes.

Management Feedback: 

1. Vendor management is the key to the functioning of the department as the road construction and maintenance work will be done by the contractors and managing them with adherence to the quality monitoring lies with the department.

2. The department works on targets with a motivation to have infrastructure provision to rural state through all weather roads. Each official has defined responsibilities working dynamically in achieving their targets.

3. The organization structure is well defined with each section of the department headed by the Chief General Managers who will be assisted by their respective general managers and engineers/sub-engineers. The role definition has made them responsible in creating a good work culture.

4. Almost each official has been provided with required IT infrastructure; and they are utilizing them in optimizing their work, thereby reducing hindrances in achieving their targets.

Preetika Tayal

Project: Challenges in Financing of Urban Infrastructure
Institute: 3rd Year, BA, Sriram College of Commerce, Delhi
Mentor: Shri Darpan Jain
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Managing Director, Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development & Finance Corporation (KUIDFC)
Internship Experience:  If you are willing to learn, you'll come out to be an entirely different pe
Internship Feedback: 

1.Weekly presentations: Boosted up my confidence regarding public speaking skills

2.Weekly reports: Could use them up to keep track. Very helpful in making final report

3.Mentor-Intern Meeting Minutes: Very helpful. Great concept!

4.Guest Lectures:To interact with many IAS was great, once in a lifetime opportunity.

Management Feedback: 

1.Coordinators were friendly and helpful at all times

2.The room and environment provided for research was adequate.

Princy Bansal

Project: Impact Evaluation of VAT in Uttar Pradesh
Institute: 1st Year, MA, Delhi School of Economics
Mentor: Shri Mrityunjay Kumar Narayan
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Commissioner, Commercial Tax, U.P.
Internship Experience:  Life time experience
Internship Feedback: 

1. Opportunity to guided and mentored by exceptionally learned officers.

2. Interactive sessions gave the opportunity to learn from the experiences regarding the daily challenges, issues hurting the success of India and the important lessons of life .

3. Field visits and mentor meetings that offered practical experience of the project and the real picture of BHARAT.

4. Parliament visit, documentary and other group activities that helped boosting up the confidence and encuraging team spirit

Management Feedback: 

1. Punctuality and discipline

2. Complete track of progress of the intern through weekly report and weekly presentation which also helped interns managing the project and not leave things for the last moment.

Puja Anand

Project: To study the degree of satisfaction/dissatisfaction in the minds of public about their interaction with police.
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Kharagpur
Mentor: Shri G Srinivasa Rao
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: DIG
Internship Experience:  The internship program helped in the holistic improvement of my personality
Internship Feedback: 

1. Guest lecture by honourable personalities really motivated to do something for our society and country.

2. Documentary session and the discussions following them were like brainstorming sessions which helped us in understanding various aspects of the topic.

3. There were interns from different educational backgrounds and places which gave an opportunity to understand the cultures of different colleges/places.

4. As a part of my research project, I got to visit police stations, courts and interviewing police officers of different ranks which was really an enriching experience.

Management Feedback: 

1. The lecture hall where we used to do our research work was spacious and fully air conditioned which facilitated us to work in the scorching summer of Delhi.

2. The coordinators really managed the daily sessions very nicely which facilitated us to do our research in a fruitful manner.

Rahul Dutt

Project: E-Governance at Income tax department – CPC TDS
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Indore
Mentor: Shri ravi agrawal
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Revenue Service (IRS)
Mentor Designation: Commissioner of income tax, CPC-TDS
Internship Experience:  Nice to learn in and outs at ITD-CPC-TDS
Internship Feedback: 

1. Learnings that i could take from the internship

2. Mentors support in understanding the problem

Management Feedback: 

1. Always ready to help




Raj Shekhar

Project: Role of ICT in ethical and efficient Governanace
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Gandhinagar
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: DISTRICT COLLECTOR
Internship Feedback: 

1. I particularly liked the idea of guest lectures by several IAS, IPS officers and people from academia because these lectures give us an opportunity to discuss the issues with some of the great and experienced minds in that field. It widens our view and within 2 months we came to know a lot more about many of the issues,

2. I also liked the idea of field visits as it gave us an opportunity to have a look on ground realities. Every thing looks good and fancy on paper, but if we really want to know the truth having a hands on experience is very important.

3. I also liked the idea of weekly presentations and discussions that follow as these discussions and inputs from other interns provide us new perspectives and ideas to proceed further in our respective projects.

Management Feedback: 

1. I liked the idea of appointing Upamanyu Sir in middle of the program to guide us. As he was past intern, so his inputs were vital for us.

2. I liked the classroom facilities as it was very difficult to work in the kind of hot weather that was there in New Delhi. We have some issues with WiFi, but overall facility was awesome.

Raka Sardar

Project: Impact Analysis of Chief Minister Rural Housing in Madhya Pradesh
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Lucknow
Mentor: Smt. Alka Upadhyay
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: CEO, Madhya Pradesh Rural Road and Housing Authority
Internship Experience:  Great learning experience
Internship Feedback: 

1. Guidance from mentor-

2. Knowledge about government machinery

Management Feedback: 

1. Agility- Contrary to general perception in a government I have witnessed great deal of agility among the officers and openness to change. The department have embraced IT to a great extent, moreover they are shifting to a system beneficial for its stakeholders.

2. Good infrastructure- We have been provided all the facilities as and when needed by our mentor from day 1.

3. Support and guidance- Not only my mentor, every individual in the office have willfully shared their expertise, whenever we have approached any executive or officer, he/she has been more than helpful to us.

4. Acceptance of opinion- We have been asked to be present in a number of meetings for a software being developed for online bill submission for contractors. When we gave our opinions and suggestions, those were gladly accepted and implemented later on.

Ram Moorthy Ravi Krishnan

Project: Process Improvement of UP Skill Development Mission & Implementation of Management Information System
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Lucknow
Mentor: Shri Vishal Singh
Mentor Affiliation: Other
Mentor Designation: Joint Mission Director, UP Skill Development Mission
Internship Experience:  Awesome Experience in implementing Govt. Policies
Internship Feedback: 

1.Rural Field Visits

2. Government officials functioning

3.Political implications of implementing a scheme

Management Feedback: 

1. Government readiness to spend

2. Control of IAS officers over sub ordinates

3. Multiple vendor association

Rasesh Garg

Project: Citizen Participation In Strengthening Internal Security Of India
Institute: 2nd Year, BTech, IIT Delhi
Mentor: Shri Anil Chowdhry
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: Former Secretary (Internal Security) in MHA (2005)
Internship Experience:  A very good platform to stimulate yourself , explore , discuss and learn .
Internship Feedback: 

1. Guest lectures were very inspirational , insightful and learning beacuse the guests were too good . They all had a experience of so many years in their field . Learned so many practical things also from their experiences . And the session were really interactive .

2. My mentor . He had so much experience and was always welcoming to help me in my project. Learnt a lot from him .

3. Co-interns , since there were students from law , economics , backgrounds also apart from engineers , we had a nice exchange of ideas.

Management Feedback: 

1. Classes were very well conducted on time.

2. Co-ordinators were always ready to help and sort out our issues .

Rhea Yadav

Project: Sensitizing Youth towards Good Governance
Institute: 1st Year, B.Com, Lady Sriram College, Delhi
Mentor: Shri Upendra Joshi
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: IG of Police (Former), Govt. of MP
Internship Experience:  Not for the non-spirited,this program will open the windows of your brain.
Internship Feedback: 

1. Guest lectures and workshops were extremely inspiring and knowledgeable.

2. The comfortable environment provided to all the interns.

3. The helpful coordinators, logistically as well as substantively.

4. Mentor system was innovative and helpful as well.

Management Feedback: 

1. Formal and uniform structure of work submissions.

2. AC enabled rooms and eating joints nearby made the infrastructure comfortable for working.

3. Tech-savviness was appreciated.

Rishav Satyam

Project: Naxalite Problem in India
Institute: 2nd Year, BTech, IIT BHU
Mentor: Mr. R. Prasana
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Deputy Secretary,Personnel and general Administration, Government of Chhattisgarh
Internship Experience:  A fantastic life changing experience
Internship Feedback: 

1. Mentoring by Senior Official:it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience being guided by Top level bureaucrats.
2.Co-interns: They were definitely the most awesome part of the internship program.I personally got to learn a lot from all of them.
3.Guest Lectures - The Guest lectures by various eminent personalities were real eye-opener.
4. international standard Reports: Learned how to make reports of international standard.

Management Feedback: 

1.Work Place: In the hot season, the foundation provided an Air-Conditioned theater to work in, which was a big relief.

2.The Wi-Fi: Because it always supported us to carry on our Research.

3.The efficiency of the coordinators: Thanks to rakshak foundation for selecting excellent, efficient and hard working coordinators.

4. IIT Delhi was perfect in terms of infrastructure.

Rohit Mittal

Project: Political Representation And It's Implication on Infrastructure Development
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Roorkee
Mentor: Shri Anil Baijal
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Former Secretary of Ministry of Urban Development
Internship Experience:  Great experience, Hard work of 60 days brought purity and motivation.
Internship Feedback: 

1.Providing opportunities to work with eminent personalities like IAS, IPS etc. My experience was great infect it was awesome because i worked under Shri. Anil Baijal. who was former home secretary.

2.Mentor was great personality. he taught me so much how to work, how to proceed in project, how to write report and proceeding in my project.

3.And last point is about my project. Issue that has not been seen by any one till now or just lost in all of our old philosophies and dilemma.

Management Feedback: 

1. IIT-Delhi stay room was good. Internet connectivity at hostel was good.

2.Class room was great. It really shows the efforts of Rakshak Foundation.

3.Management of guest lecture was great and organizing guest lecture of eminent personalities is a great idea.

Roshni Kaur

Project: Existing Gap Between Primary Education and Secondary Education
Institute: 3rd Year, BA, Sriram College of Commerce, Delhi
Mentor: Shri Jagdish Chandra Pant
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Former Secretary (Ministry of Health)
Internship Experience:  This is the best way to explore yourself and your abilities.
Internship Feedback: 

1.The internship gave me the opportunity to interact with top government officials which were not only learning but also life long memory. It helped to know their view on the current issues of the country.

2. The project I was working on was really very inspiring and the one-to-one interaction with eminent personalities associated with education helped me to know about the problem from grass root level.

3. The working atmosphere along with the interns from different fields and states was a kind of enjoyment in itself.
It was the best way that I could spend my 56 days. Cheers!!!

Management Feedback: 

1. The air conditioned lecture theater of IIT Delhi were the best place to work in the scorching summer of Delhi. It not only keep our interest live but also increased the efficiency.

2. The internship coordinators were very helpful and generous. They were always present for us whenever we needed them.

Sai Madhav Surabathuni

Project: India's Energy Security
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, IIT Kharagpur
Mentor: Shri Joginder S Oberoi
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Railway Service (IRS)
Mentor Designation: (Former) Executive Director, Indian Oil Corp
Internship Experience:  "Fabulous experience, delivers completely and truly unique"
Internship Feedback: 

1. The very structure of the internship program is unique and offers a lot of insight into some of the key things that every Indian ought to know.
2. Jatin sir's sessions during the internship program were highly informative and most of what was covered was new to me at that time. This enabled me to garner a lot of useful information, which otherwise I would have probably never known. It was because of his session's that I got to know more about things like AFSPA or the farmer suicides in Vidharbha region or even about Mr.P.Sainath.
3. The concept of dividing all the interns into groups and naming them after PVC awardees was highly appealing. Due to this, we got to know the names of many PVC awardees and going through how and why some of them received it enhanced a sense of belonging to the nation in us. There was also a sense of pride in knowing about them.
4. I also liked the project I was assigned to because it's a highly complex issue and is always relevant. Since, there were a lot of reports already, by multiple organisations and from various years on the issue, I had to come up with something new to add to my report. This has helped me improve my analytical abilities and has also changed how I saw things.
5. The guest lectures which were organised were highly informative and some of the topics discussed were really interesting and all of them were unique and they can't be found anywhere else to the best of my knowledge. They have brought in a new dimension to my thinking and that is why I liked it.
6. The trip to the Rajya Sabha helped get a sneak-peek into how the RS works. Although, I'd have loved to spend a bit more time inside the Upper House, it was worth every second and will be something I'd cherish for a long time to come. Also, the fun trip really gave us all a chance to bond and was a required getaway. I also liked the ice-breaking session held at the very start of the internship program wherein we were asked me draw our life-charts. It provided the ice-breaking we all required.
7. The weekly presentations and reports were really useful and I believe that they have actually made me a better speaker now.

Management Feedback: 

1. The co-ordinators were really helpful and resourceful throughout. Discussing about the projects with them sometimes resulted in wonderful ideas coming up and helped keep it from going astray.
2. The workplace was very comfortable too. However, the poor Wi-Fi connectivity there was a major hurdle and was a perennial impediment to progress.
3. It helped that we were residing inside IIT-D, since it was easier to gel in and it felt like being at my institute itself.

Sai Meghana Konda

Project: Inclusive Governance
Institute: 3rd Year, LLB, Symbiosis Law
Mentor: Mr. Brij Kishore Taimni
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Former Secretary Dept. of food and public distribution
Internship Experience:  it was intellectually enlightening,as also character building
Internship Feedback: 

1. The support I got from My mentor and the coordinators was exemplary

2.I got to meet many students with different backgrounds and thinking and was an amazing experience, talking to them and working with them.

3. The Internship coordinates were very forthcoming and helpful.

Management Feedback: 

1. The air conditioned rooms were a bliss to the soul in the scorching Delhi heat.

2. IIT D is an amazing place. The greenery and peacocks were a delight to the eyes.

Saloni Goel

Project: International Best Practices on Use of Assessments
Institute: 3rd Year, BA, St. Stephen's College, Delhi
Mentor: Ms. Mansi Bhatia
Mentor Affiliation: Other
Mentor Designation: Program Manager, Central Square Foundation
Internship Experience:  A good learning experience
Internship Feedback: 

1. The lectures by Eminent personalities: we got to learn about various unheard aspects about governance and public policy making. It was great to know about the ground realities from the experts in government and academia.

2. Mentorship: Working under the expertise and guidance of mentors pushes our frontiers of learning in varied spheres.

3. Conference room and IIT accommodation: Staying together with a bunch of wonderful people from all parts of India allowed us to learn about different cultures, view points and ideas. It was an enlightening experience filled with fun.

Management Feedback: 

1. Supervision by Coordinators- This allowed us to take our work seriously and led to its timely completion.


Project: Innovative Thinking In Government
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, IIT Roorkee
Mentor: Shri Sanjay Kothari
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Secretary, Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Govt. of India
Internship Experience:  Great concept with a huge potential
Internship Feedback: 

1. The wide variety of streams from where the interns were chosen was one of the best aspects. The interaction between the top minds of the country from different types of disciplines is something which benefits the interns hugely. Also, it is something which is rarely found in other internships where usually people meet other people from their own streams only.

2. Guest lectures by eminent personalities of the country was also something which I really liked as through these we got to know a lot of things. It is a great experience to listen to PVC awardee, IAS, IPS, eminent Professors etc in person and it leaves a lasting impressions. It was a source of great inspiration for me.

3. Providing interns with distinguished personalities from IAS, IPS, academia etc. as mentors was another aspect which impressed me a lot. I am sure all the interns must have had invaluable learning experience from their mentors just as I had.

4. The idea of having a fun trip was really thoughtful and applaudable as it instilled a new sense of vigor in the interns and resulted in great bonding among talented students.

Management Feedback: 

1. The big air conditioned hall at IIT Delhi provided by the foundation was a great place to work at. It was spacious and had all the facilities one would require.

2. The hostel rooms provided by the foundation at IIT Delhi were great and the stay there was very comfortable. The IIT campus itself was a great place to be at for the duration of the internship. So, all in all extremely satisfied with the infrastructure provided.

3. Dividing the interns into smaller groups and assigning each group to a particular internship coordinator was a very good idea from managerial aspect as it makes things a lot easy for both the interns and the foundation.

4. Giving confirmation mails to interns after they filled any of the forms on Rakshak foundation website was also a very useful procedure as it helped interns like me to keep track and record of things.

Saurabh Karodi

Project: Study the legal services landscape and prepare product pricing and strategy
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Lucknow
Mentor: Mr. Suchit Bansal
Mentor Affiliation: Other
Mentor Designation: Entrepreneur
Internship Experience:  The program provided me to understand the business better and contribute
Internship Feedback: 

1. The opportunity to work in a team which had students from different backgrounds.

2. Working on my own.

3. Understand the market and apply the concepts learned to devise the right strategy.

4. Reaching out to clients and understand business issues.

Management Feedback: 

1. Considerations on weekly reports , presentations etc. which were not very relevant for Lawkonect interns.

Shahmir Alam

Project: Quantitative Analysis of Product Patents filed by pharmaceutical firms in India (2005-2013) and their targeted diseases
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIFT
Mentor: Shri Anant Srivastava
Mentor Affiliation: Other
Mentor Designation: Asst, Controller of Patents
Internship Experience:  A good chance to work on International Trade and Intellectual Property
Internship Feedback: 

1.My area of work (pharmaceutical research)

2.Peer to peer leaning

3. Contact with officials working on the domain

Management Feedback: 

1. Project decided and allocated in advance

2. Good coordination between student and mentor

Shalini Suryawanshi

Project: GIS in Governance
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Kanpur
Mentor: Shri Vinod Kumar
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Forrest Service (IFS)
Mentor Designation: Conservator (Wildlife)
Internship Experience:  Experiencing the ground reality
Internship Feedback: 

1.Guest lectures very very interesting and helped us in learning a lot of new and interesting things.

2.Discussions held by Jatin sir on current topics were very good and helped us to know about the current issues and various other things.

3.RTI workshop was very helpful. I just knew what is RTI but had no idea how to file it.

4.Field visits and mentor visits were eyeopening and helped us in learning a lot of things.

Management Feedback: 

1. Infrastructure of IITD was very nice and comfortable and helped us to focus on our work.

2. Management of intership program was very good, made us to compulsorily do all the activities on time with quality work.

Shashank Chandel

Project: Judicial Reforms in India - Issues Challenges and Need of Hour
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Lucknow
Mentor: Shri Pramod Phalnikar
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: IG, Madhya Pradesh
Internship Experience:  Excellent Format but Very less time
Internship Feedback: 

Topics to work on and Human resources available for access is the best.
Aware a teenager of the 'out of book' format of Life

Management Feedback: 

Clubbing all interns at one place increases the interaction skills and makes aware of the different aspect being worked upon

Siddhartha Gautam

Project: Policy paralysis in Private investment in health sector
Institute: 5th Year, M.Sc., IIT Kharagpur
Mentor: Professor Milindo Chakarborty
Mentor Affiliation: Sharda University
Mentor Designation: Professor
Internship Experience:  A great opportunity to come out of our daily nutshells and "EXPLORE".
Internship Feedback: 

1. Guest Lectures by eminent personalities on policy issues. I liked this because being a student of Economics I read a lot of text book materials this have shaped my thinking very much, however, after these lectures I can clearly make out the difference between the theories and the real life situations that the country faces today.

2. Co-Interns were very determined and eager about the policy research. Having a conducive and a helpful environment is the best thing one could get and the intership provided me which such an opportunity. I am thankful to rakshak fondation for providing me this opportunity to meet great people.

Management Feedback: 

1. All the programe coordinators were very helpful and inspiring. Its always good to have good coordinators as they are the ones that inspired and help me to strive more.

2. The hostel arrangements were very nice. The hostel and mess arrangements made by rakshak were very nice and conducive. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the coordinators who worked behind the scenes to get things done and make this experience an ever lasting experience for me.

Sneha Reddy Aenugu

Project: Effective Citizen Delivery System - Sakala
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, IIT Madras
Mentor: Smt. Shalini Rajneesh
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Principal Secretary, Government of Karnataka
Internship Experience:  An opportunity to see the policy research first hand
Internship Feedback: 

1. Guest Lectures - An opportunity to meet and interact with some eminent personalities is unique to this internship

2. Parliament visit - A unique experience.

3. Diversity among the interns - Students from various colleges and backgrounds came together.

4. Fun trip - Excellent experience.

Management Feedback: 

1. Internship Coordinators managed the events extremely well.

Soring Tuikhar

Project: Absentee ballot system in India: A solution to secure the electoral rights of migrant workers
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Indore
Mentor: Professor Arvind Verma
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: Professor
Internship Experience:  Intensive learning yet enriching and worth joining for
Internship Feedback: 

1. Weekly reports, presentations thus, giving no room for procrastination and last minute work.
2. Assigning of highly knowledgeable and influential individuals as mentors
3. Prompt response and willingness to help from mentor
4. Project assigned which is indeed a challenge to many and knowledge gained thus.

Management Feedback: 

1. Prompt response from the management in case of any issues faced by the interns
2. Workplace at Neeti Bagh which was quiet and peaceful most of the time and hence, very less disturbance
3. Co-operative and helpful

surbhi sharma

Project: Efficient Citizen Service Delivery System to make Government more accountable to its citizens
Institute: 1st Year, MA, Delhi School of Economics
Mentor: Dr. Shalini Rajneesh
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Principal Secretary, DPAR,Govt of Karnataka
Internship Experience:  Most fruitful summers I ever had
Internship Feedback: 

1.I really liked working under the able guidance of my mentor. She has a dynamic personality and will be a constant source of motivation in my life.
2.I really liked working around 70 other interns with diverse background. Discussions were really fruitful with innovative ideas.
3.RTI folings,Rajya Sabha visit,Lecture series were most important tp get a practical experience about the issues and working of government.

Management Feedback: 

1. The co-ordinators were really helpful and tried to. smoothen things for us.
2. The facilities in IIT Delhi were good, except for few technical wi-fi glitches there was no problem for food, doing research and discussing in campus area

Swarnima Gupta

Project: Drug Abuse in India - Analysis and Prevention
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, IIT Kanpur
Mentor: Shri Pidaparthi Venkatesh Rama Sastry
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: IG, National Investigation Agency, Government of India
Internship Experience:  The program was good but it lacked few areas concerning the management.
Internship Feedback: 

1. During the Internship I came to know about various policies and working of the government.

2. It also helped me to grow as a better, concerned and aware citizen of the country.

Management Feedback: 

Management was not up to the mark as by the mid of the internship only one coordinator was left to manage the work of 80 interns and by the end of the internships interns were doing the work of the coordinators beside their own research work.

The hall for the working hours was nice and spacious but it had poor wifi connectivity.

Thrilok Nannapaneni

Project: Need for Project Management skills in government sector
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, IIT Madras
Mentor: Shri Hari Ranjan Rao
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Secretary of IT&PSM
Internship Experience:  Nice platform for public policy and right mix of Lectures
Internship Feedback: 

1. Good lectures

2. Direct interactions with IAS officers

3. Student Management

Management Feedback: 

1. Coordinators are friendly

2. Nice atmosphere to work

Varsha Bhansali

Project: Public Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Projects in India
Institute: 1st Year, MA, Delhi School of Economics
Mentor: Shri Brahm Dutt
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Secretary (Former), MoRTH
Internship Experience:  The mentor is the guiding star of the internship.
Internship Feedback: 

1.Interaction with high level public authorities: as par of my internship project, I was required to visit AAI, NHAI, Planning Commission and interact with govt. officials to get better understanding of the PPP framework. This was a rare opportunity for students like us to be engaging high level authorities in intense policy related discussions.

2.The Lecture Series was highly informative and interactive which provided us with valuable insights into the government machinery and its functioning. We got to hear some really inspiring personal experiences and meet real life heroes whose courage and valour is the ideal depiction of patriotism.

3. Working on the project under the direct guidance of subject matter experts which allowed us to develop deeper understanding of the subject and broaden our knowledge base which would have otherwise not been possible.

Management Feedback: 

1. The team of Internship Coordinators was highly forthcoming and helpful, guiding the interns from time to time, addressing their doubts and queries as well as making an unbiased representation of interns' concerns and requests before the higher level management.

Vasu Kachhawaha

Project: Study of Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act 2013 and analysis of whether it will be able to curb the growing corruption in the country
Institute: 1st Year, MBA, IIM Indore
Mentor: Shri S N Dhingra
Mentor Affiliation: Honorable Justice
Mentor Designation: Chief Justice(Retired), Delhi High Court
Internship Experience:  It was an awesome experience
Internship Feedback: 

1.Getting to know the nitty-gritties of policy making.

2.Understanding how the judiciary functions in India.

3.Interacting with my mentor, Shri SN Dhingra on various judicial and political issues and getting to know his views

4.Also my field visit to rural Bhatinda to better understand the health conditions there and find out the scope of a charitable hospital at Goniana Mandi, will be very close to my heart. It gave me a first hand experience to see rural India and the problems that exist there.

Management Feedback: 

1.The office at Niti Bagh was fine but we faced internet issues many times.

2.Our reporting person, Shri Jatin Gupta was very helpful and made our internship a memorable experience.

3.Weekly submissions made sure that we never lag behind in our work.

4.Overall a great experience

Veera Venkata Vinay Kumar Ruttala

Project: Adapting Indian Homes for Staying of Elderly
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Madras
Mentor: Shri Sunil Kumar Gulati
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mentor Designation: Chief Vigilance Officer, Delhi Development Authority
Internship Experience:  One can enrich his/her knowledge through this internship.
Internship Feedback: 

1. Interacting with co intern with similar thoughts and focused discussion on current topics gave me different insight and this is one of the best part of this internship.

2. Working under eminent personalities of different backgrounds and lectures by them are another key aspect of this internship which helped me in growing up my knowledge.

3. Field visits and interviews made me to realize the depth of the problem allotted to me and it is really a life time experience.

4. Live session to Rajya Sabha is the thing which i can't forget where i got a chance to see many MP's, Union Ministers etc.

Management Feedback: 

1. I would like to thank Rakshak for trying to provide good infrastructure for carrying out our research but unfortunately it didn't work that well. Ofcourse I can understand the difficulty of providing the facilities but improper WIFI is main drawback as far as infrastructure is concerned.

2. Coordinators really managed 80+ interns very well and we all are very thankful to them and Rakshak foundation for this. But, I feel there is a problem with flow of information to interns. Except this it is very well managed and I would rate this aspect as 8/10 as far as i am concerned.

Venkatesh Chaturvedi

Project: Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC: analysis of existing recruitment policy and recommending further reforms.
Institute: 3rd Year, BTech, IIT Patna
Mentor: Shri Sudeep Lakhtakia
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: IG of the SPG
Internship Experience:  The best learning experience one can get.
Internship Feedback: 


2. Project

3. Rigor

4. Professionalism

Management Feedback: 

1. Great campus

2. Friendly coordinators

3. Great workshops and talks

4. Great discussions and environment

Vidhi Gupta

Project: Abolition of Affidavits and promotion of Self-certification
Institute: 4th Year, LLB, Symbiosis Law
Mentor: Shri Aditya Joshi
Mentor Affiliation: Other
Mentor Designation: Director, Department of Administrative Reforms and Personal Grievances
Internship Experience:  the program is for ambitious people looking for opportunity to bring reform
Internship Feedback: 

1. mentoring by the most hon'ble people of this country,
2. meetings with the beureaucrats and/or ministers of our country for the purpose of research

3. doing primary research by visitng schools, NGO's, government offices.

4.The guest lectures by prominent people who have so much experience about various issues/ happenings.
All of this gave a lot of information which is not easily accessible on secondary data sources, and many acted as eye-openers for me.

Management Feedback: 

1. The coordinators were very helpful and easily approachable.

2. IIT campus, Delhi, was a much required place for such a program, it has made classes easy and the enhanced working of students.

3. the coordinators not only helped in our day-to-day affairs but also enlightened our way to research.

Vishal Kumar

Project: Conceptualize and design the model of One Stop Crisis Center for Rape victims in India
Institute: 4th Year, BTech, IIT Bombay
Mentor: Dr. Navin Gulati
Mentor Affiliation: Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mentor Designation: SP
Internship Experience:  It was great experience working which amplified my interest in social work.
Internship Feedback: 

1. Field trip were vital part of the internship which gave me insite of my project and enthusiasm to learn and explore more and more.
2. Working with like minded people was also a great opportunity to learn more from them and know there views on society and its existing structure and functioning.
3. Most important thing was to interact with mentor.
4. Also lecture series organised by Rakshak Foundation was outstanding, learnt a lot from them.

Management Feedback: 

1. Hostel facility was great. Most of interns could interact in hostel as well as on dinning table. And these discussions were thought provoking and fruitful.
2. Session hall was good, other than wifi problem other aspect were fine.
3. Coordinators managed whole internship in a very smooth way.