Rakshak Foundation NGO was founded and registered as a society in 2008 by a group of concerned citizens from India’s elite educational institutions. We are certified 80G organization and donations to us are tax exempt. The Foundation seeks to create an informed society, aware of its rights and duties, and attempts to address barriers to an equitable and just society.

Rakshak Foundation NGO got started as a result of an irresistible desire for a lasting change, fueled by the moral responsibility to serve the nation, which has provided us immense opportunities for various activities. The wish to make a difference in lives of those who have not been as fortunate as others and to improve the quality of life for all has kept us going. Rakshak’s endeavor is to create a society that is aware of the shortcomings and is determined to move ahead by overcoming them towards a truly participative democracy. Rakshak Foundation intends to put together like-minded individuals on a firm footing to better channel their positive energies towards the holistic development of the Indian society. Rakshak has started multifarious activities to sensitize the youth and the members of the civic society with the firm belief that every individual can make a difference and create positive impact on the lives of those around them.

Rakshak Foundation has been submitting well researched opinions on various bills being considered for presentation to the Indian Parliament. Rakshak Foundation has been invited by the Parliamentary Standing Committees of the Rajya Sabha more than 10 times in the past six years to depose before them and present their views on proposed Bills which would affect the whole nation once they are enacted by the Parliament.