Internship FAQ

What is the duration of the summer internship?
The desired duration duration of internship is 9 to 12 weeks and spread from May to July.

How can I involve in Internship?
Candidate for internship are selected through two tier evaluation process. First, the students are asked to fill up the application form. The applications are graded by a team and we shortlist the strong candidates. Second, short listed candidates are interviewed and then the final candidates are selected.

What is the process of evaluation of application form?
Each application is graded on the basis of candidate’s background, experience, interest and Rakshak’s need for an intern on a specific research topic or area of interest.

Is this internship a full time or a part time?
Internship will be a full time research project. The interns would be expected to work for a minimum of 40-50 hours per week.

What would be the nature of internship?
The interns would be working on the topic of research assigned to them (some choice would be available) which includes research, studies, field visits and paper presentation etc.

Can those who have finished studies apply for it?
Yes, those who have just finished their studies or currently not enrolled in any course can also apply for it. It is open for all college going students graduate and post graduate national and International. An ideal candidate should be mainly interested in research and issues of public concern.

Is the internship opportunity open for international students?
Yes, it is open for all college going students graduate and post graduate national and International.

Is there any stipend associated with it?
Stipend of INR 10,000 will be given to those interns who successfully complete the internship program (after getting feedback from respective mentors). All pre-approved expenditures incurred during the course of internship with are necessary for the progress of the project, would be reimbursed on actuals basis.


How would I be benefited by the internship program?
Internship program is very beneficial for college students. Here are a few things that would benefit you:

  • Training in research, analysis, documenting and coming out with your own research paper.
  • Interaction with academia, media experts and eminent scholars along with other like minded and socially aware people like yourself.
  • Learning in communication through field based research.
  • Chance for publication in newspaper, magazines and Rakshak blogs.
  • Certificate on successful completion of the internship.

Do you offer travel assistance to international students?
Interns will be expected to stay at IIT Delhi hostel. Day scholars are allowed, but expected to be punctual for the daily classwork. Interns are expected to bear their own travel cost to reach at the internship location (IIT Delhi) from their respective places or colleges.

What are the possible research topics?
The research topics are mostly related to public policy issues in governance and promoting responsible citizenry. You could propose your own project for internship but it should match our goals and interest areas. Rakshak works in the area of public policy research, responsible citizenry, governance, social entrepreneurship and social development. Your research topic would be decided during the personal interview. You can look at the research areas listed on our website which would give you fair picture of the kind of project you would be working on.

Can I work on the subject of my interest?
Yes provided the subject of your interest matches our area of work and competence. We call the short listed candidates for personal interview and discuss the topic. There we explore the subject of your interest and our area of work and competence.


Will Rakshak provide the intern with a mentor or a Research guide?
Yes, we will provide a mentor or a research guides to each intern to help and supervise interns during their research.

Will I be working in group or individual?
During the summer internship interns may work on individual projects or a group project, depending upon the area, scope and the complexity of the project. In past we had people working together on one project and also one intern working on two projects. We are open and flexible.

Is Rakshak flexible with time line of May to July?
The summer internship is a very structured program. So it wouldn’t be possible change the time line for any of the participants. We suggest applying for non summer internships to those who can’t come to summer internship. The time line is flexible for non summer internship. You could start the internship anytime for three months between September to February.

Can I send my application form by email?
Yes, you can send your application by email or upload on our website. We prefer that you apply though the internship application form. You will get acknowledgment as soon as we start reviewing your application form.